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Imagine yourself having a clear vision of how the surrounding area around your home should look like, but not knowing what to do to achieve that. Or, you are uncertain whether to start your new residential landscaping Mountville project from scratch or build in from the existing landscape.

Integrity Land Works, a landscaping company with years of experience in serving happy clientele in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, will be happy to support you in transforming your outdoors and take care of your lawn and garden, level up the space, cultivate your plants, and more.

Join us today and transform the space around your home with one of the most trusted and experienced Mountville landscaping contractors.

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Landscape Services We Provide in Mountville, PA

Do you need your lawn seeded? Maybe you are looking for someone to finish mulching around your plants this spring. Is your lawn retaining water, and your plants are under the pest infestation risk? You can rely on us to create a new landscape for you and maintain or reconstruct the existing one. Our company offers the following landscaping services in Mountville PA:

Trees, Plants, and Shrubs Plantings

If you want to start a garden from scratch, Integrity Land Works takes over the complete planting process. We can follow your wishes for the chosen species or help you choose the ones suitable for your terrain. You can be involved in the process or we can complete everything from A to Z.

If you are interested in custom landscape, our team will select the list of native plants in Mountville, so growing them will be easier. It is one of the best options for Mountville landscapers who don’t want to spend much time around their plants.

Lawn Installation and Maintenance

We are specialized in lawn installation from seedings and sod installment. Moreover, our experts offer every lawn maintenance service to ensure your lot remains good-looking, fertilized, and healthy. Our lawn maintenance service list includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • grading
  • seeding
  • sod installation
  • fertilization
  • mulching
  • leaf removal
  • damage repair
  • trimming
  • weed control
  • pest control
  • edging
  • aeration
  • watering


Our residential landscaping in Mountville PA can also focus on pruning your trees and shrubs. We specialize in taking care of ornamental shrubs and trees. Our technicians will keep the desired shape, prevent overgrowth, and allow the trees to heal and form new buds before the growth season.

Stormwater Management

Drainage is an important part of our project since Mountville and the entire Lebanon country have increased precipitation levels. We can incorporate the best solutions for stormwater in your existing landscape, or design a new one from scratch with more efficient drainage.

Implementing appropriate solutions for excess water prevents soil erosion and ensures all your plants grow to their full potential.

Spring Service List

The spring announces the beginning of the regular lawn maintenance season. However, before you start with routine activities, you must clean everything up first, cut old growth, and prepare the area for the growing season. Our typical spring service list includes yard cleanup, mowing and washing, weeding, and edging.

Summer & Fall Maintenance

Summer is a busy season for us since we are always on track with keeping our clients’ landscapes neat! During colder fall months, we are in charge of our client’s lot leaf raking and removal, and preparing your plants for winter months the best way.


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Our Works

Nothing compliments home like a beautiful landscape. Check out fragments of residential and commercial landscaping projects we are most proud of.


Integrity Land Works Your Trusted Landscape Contractor in Mountville, PA

At Integrity Land Works, we believe in continuous improvement. We maintained that practice from our commencement in 2012, and we plan to do it in the future!

Treating every customer like family while nurturing mutual team support, building trust through honest and professional communication, and excellence in what we do, remain by this day our key success factors.


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Benefits of Working With Us

The number of clients happy with our landscaping services in Mountville PA increases each day.

Here are just a few reasons why you may decide to trust us with your lot:

  • Excessive experience in landscaping projects
  • We take pride in every project, despite its scope
  • Honest communication and professional service
  • Feedback is always taken seriously
  • Integrity Land Works focuses on high-quality plants and top-notch equipment to have every project completed
  • With our landscaping services, your property value increases
  • Our experts are trained to manage various pests and weather challenges
  • Premium project management service – from free consultation to completed landscaping Mountville PA project
  • Integrity Land Works maintains a clear and polished landscaping look year-round for the clients.

Why wait? Enroll in our services today and save time on the design, execution, and maintenance of the most beautiful landscape.


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Can you assist with plant selection and garden layout in Mountville?

Yes, we can help you determine the best plants for your space and conditions and design the layout to use the space the most efficiently. Our designers are experts in bespoke layouts with ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs in different terrains.


Do you provide consultations for landscape services in Mountville?

Yes, we are one of the Mountville landscaping contractors with available free consultation and quick area assessment. Contact us to get in touch with our experts. We will consider your needs, wishes, budget, and current condition while creating the appropriate solution and estimate.


Do you do lawn reseeding in Mountville?

If you sign up for our landscaping services in Mountville PA, reseeding is one solution for damaged lawns. We will kill and clean the old grass and weeds before we process with soil prep, grass seed selection, and planting process.

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Pool Patio Design

Whether you desire a tranquil retreat for quiet evenings or a large gathering space for entertaining, Gasper’s award winning design team can create a custom designed patio just right for your outdoor space. Experienced in working with a wide variety of materials, such as concrete pavers, clay brick or bluestone, our patios will hold up beautifully, year after year.


A beautiful walkway guides your guests directly to your front door. It makes a great first impression. Walkways can make a home more accessible and safer, helping family and friends better navigate your outdoor spaces.

Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Whether wood burning propane, or natural gas fired, our decorative block or stone fire structures will become your family’s favorite spot to relax. Fireplaces come in handy during the warm and cold months. It’s time to get the s’mores and share some ghost stories!

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An outdoor kitchen can offer all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, making outdoor entertaining easier than ever before. A custom cook station built by our experts will be a wonderful gathering spot all season long for your family and guests.

Walls and Steps

We can help you sculpt and reshape steep graded areas into flat and usable sites. Our masons have expertise and incredible craftsmanship when creating walls and steps for your home that will withstand the test of time.


Experienced in working with a variety of materials, such as clay, brick, bluestone, or concrete pavers, our patios look beautiful and hold up over the years. Our award winning team can create a tranquil retreat, a large gathering space for entertaining, or whatever is the custom designed patio just right for your outdoor space.