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Integrity Land Works will take the time to understand your needs and wishes, and create a magical outdoor space for you! Working with Integrity Land Works, a landscaping company in Elizabethtown, PA, ensures your landscape will leave you and people around you gazing out in the delectable garden, taking into consideration your unique characteristics of terrain, plants and structures.

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Landscape Services We Provide in Elizabethtown, PA

To provide the landscape enhancement you’ve been yearning for, we employ our best professionals, outstanding creativity and professional ethics, premium materials, and abundant experience.

Here is the list of our landscaping services in Elizabethtown PA.


If you are a rookie in the plant world, no problem, our experts can explain the process to you. We can incorporate new plants, trees, and decorative shrubs to transform your outdoors. If your garden needs refreshing or redesigning, the Integrity Land Works team has the best ideas to get you the most out of your space.

Lawn Grading & Seeding

The first sight of standing water on your lawn is your clue to speak with our experts and enroll in our lawn grading services. By leveling your lot, our team will help control stagnant water accumulation and soil erosion. Next, if you need to grow a new lawn or improve the existing one, we have a solution for every scenario.

Professionals at Integrity Land Works have mastered every seeding method that will result in your desired landscape.

Next, we offer sod installments if you want a fast and quality solution for your lawn. Both options – sod work and grass seeding will leave your lawn healthy, resistant to weather conditions in PA, and marvelous!

Stormwater / Drainage Issues

An important part of landscaping in Elizabethtown PA is landscape irrigation. The region gets more rain than the national average, so our team specializes in creating stormwater solutions tailored to your landscape.

If the terrain is steep, proper drainage is decisive for your plants’ health, infestation prevention, and structural damage.

Spring Cleanup & Mulching

Every spring your landscape requires a bit of love and professional service to maintain good looking and plant health.

We are one of the landscape contractors in Elizabethtown who provide complete garden maintenance throughout the year. In spring, we can clean clutter, dead leaves, and branches that have piled up during the winter. Typical spring maintenance of your landscape includes:

  • Older perennial maintenance – cutting back stems and foliage
  • Cleaning branches and debris
  • Redefining landscape edges
  • Cleaning flower beds
  • Re-seeding and fixing damaged spots on your lawn
  • Keeping the weed away with mulching

Summer Pruning

Our experts know how to prune all of your plants in the summer to maintain their health. In addition, they are skillful in creating sublime shapes of shrubs and small trees. Generally, Integrity Land Works keeps your landscape polished and neat in the summer with the best pruning techniques and equipment.

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup of your landscape by Integrity Land Works prepares your outdoor space for winter and ensures everything is vigorous and healthy for the spring. That includes:

  • Fall plants pruning
  • Cleaning debris and fallen branches
  • Fall plant fertilizer application

Trees & Shrub Care

Knowing when, how, and which fertilizer to choose for each plant isn’t simple, especially if you have different types of plants in your garden. That is when we shine in residential landscaping! We can do professional fertilization services and care for your shrubs and trees every season


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Our Works


Integrity Land Works Your Trusted Landscape Contractor in Elizabethtown, PA

When reviewing landscapers in Elizabethtown, ensure you opt for one that not only follows industry standards but also exceeds them. Since 2012, the year when Integrity Land Works was established, we have served numerous satisfied clients and made many dreams come true while staying ahead of the competition.

Our projects focus on landscaping, hardscaping, design, and regular maintenance. The company has been a true labor of love, and our portfolio proves our dedication to excellence.


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Benefits of Working With Us

We offer complete landscaping services from partial backyard landscaping to a whole garden transformation, lawn care, and seasonal maintenance.

Here are a few benefits to have you delighted about enrolling for our landscaping in Elizabethtown, PA operations:

  • Undisturbed process from A-Z
  • Dedication to excellence
  • Professional communication
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Clear commitments and honest expectation

Ready to see the results for yourself? Take action now and sign up for a free consultation with our landscaping experts.


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What additional services do you offer in Elizabethtown PA, landscaping including?

Integrity Land Works offers hardscaping, design assignments, and regular maintenance apart from complete landscaping projects. Join us today and enjoy the bespoke solution for your space.


What landscaping maintenance services do you deliver in Elizabethtown and the surrounding area?

Our landscape experts take care of seasonal plant pruning, fertilization, cleanup, mulching, and trimming. All of your plants remain healthy and good-looking year-long.


Why should you hire professionals to install drainage for your lawn instead of doing it yourself?

A team of landscape professionals implements top-notch solutions for your unique landscape, using proper equipment and knowledge. When done professionally, the drainage system functions flawlessly to keep your plants healthy and the landscape sumptuous.


What season is the best for landscaping in Pennsylvania?

The ideal time to plant grass for your dream lawn in Pennsylvania is late summer. It will ensure your grass benefits from changing seasons and colder months. Clients who already have planted grass, need to start regular lawn maintenance in spring. Next, some perennials, including shrubs and trees, do best when planted in spring months, April and May. For your specific planting requests, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can create an estimate for your landscaping project to help your plants grow to their full potential.

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Pool Patio Design

Whether you desire a tranquil retreat for quiet evenings or a large gathering space for entertaining, Gasper’s award winning design team can create a custom designed patio just right for your outdoor space. Experienced in working with a wide variety of materials, such as concrete pavers, clay brick or bluestone, our patios will hold up beautifully, year after year.


A beautiful walkway guides your guests directly to your front door. It makes a great first impression. Walkways can make a home more accessible and safer, helping family and friends better navigate your outdoor spaces.

Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Whether wood burning propane, or natural gas fired, our decorative block or stone fire structures will become your family’s favorite spot to relax. Fireplaces come in handy during the warm and cold months. It’s time to get the s’mores and share some ghost stories!

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

An outdoor kitchen can offer all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, making outdoor entertaining easier than ever before. A custom cook station built by our experts will be a wonderful gathering spot all season long for your family and guests.

Walls and Steps

We can help you sculpt and reshape steep graded areas into flat and usable sites. Our masons have expertise and incredible craftsmanship when creating walls and steps for your home that will withstand the test of time.


Experienced in working with a variety of materials, such as clay, brick, bluestone, or concrete pavers, our patios look beautiful and hold up over the years. Our award winning team can create a tranquil retreat, a large gathering space for entertaining, or whatever is the custom designed patio just right for your outdoor space.