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Landscape Services
We Provide In Mount Joy, PA

As a landscaping contractor in Mount Joy PA, we offer complete garden maintenance and additional design and outdoor space transformation services. Check out the list of our Mount Joy landscaping you can order from us:

Custom Landscape Design

We can help you plan, design, and build a wonderful outdoor living space to relax and make the most beautiful memories with friends and family. After a free consultation, we can set up a completely new or update the existing garden layout with new trees and shrubs, outdoor and water structures, walking paths, fencing, ponds, outdoor sculptures, and flowerbeds to match the style of your home, budget, and your preferences.

Our creative experts will design a new landscape with integral elements such as line, form, texture, color, and scale in perfect harmony to achieve the desired effect – to be welcoming and mesmerize the viewers with its looks!


We can help you pick the best options for your desired aesthetic, level of maintenance, and geographical features in Pennsylvania and assist in your landscaping in Mount Joy PA project. A new combination of plants, trees, and shrubs will refresh every garden.

Our experts will combine various trees, shrubs, flowers, and ornamental grass to create a unique diversity that matches your environmental and wildlife needs and your preferences. We can help you create a planting site for cleaner air and water, build natural shade, or privacy with carefully chosen plants while creating a complete garden makeover to increase home value.

Drainage Options

Stormwater and drainage solutions are must-have components in every quality landscape design. Our team specializes in building solutions to prevent pooling water, flooded lawns, and damage to your flowers. When drainage is done accurately according to terrain features, it can prevent infestations and erosion, and contribute to healthy plants. 

Drainage solutions for a landscape can be simple sometimes, but fine-textured or coarse soil requires expert knowledge and experience, like one we have in our company. Don’t risk dead plants and serious mosquito and insect infestation, consult professionals for drainage solutions for your landscape to keep it as good-looking and healthy as possible.

Landscape Maintenance

If you are happy with your current landscape design, we can help you maintain the look and functionality. Our team performs everything related to landscape maintenance, including, but not limited to:

  • mowing
  • edging
  • weeding
  • fertilization
  • pruning
  • heading
  • pest control|
  • dead branch removal
  • raking
  • complete spring cleanup

Lawn Treatment

The lawn is an essential landscape component because it creates a natural setting for all landscape elements to blend in. We offer grading, seeding, trimming, edging, and sod work services for those who want their lawn to be the star of their outdoor space!


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Our Works

Constructing a dream garden on an uneven terrain where the land isn’t fertile? Why not? Or creating a large and lush lawn in a place where you believed nothing could grow? Yes, sure! As top landscapers in Mount Joy, PA, we have dealt with various challenges and have always been able to complete the project on time with great success.

Here is our portfolio of completed projects! If you need a garden or outdoor space transformation, drop us a line and schedule further steps


Integrity Land Works
Your Trusted Landscape Contractor in Mountville, PA

Established in 2012, Integrity Land Works has been dedicated to professional and friendly service. We help our clients create the best version of their land. To achieve that, our landscaping and hardscaping experts focus on quality products, industry best practices, and consistent work toward improvement.

If you need landscaping service in Mount Joy PA, get in touch, and we will see how we can help you!


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Benefits of Working With Us

Our team works on landscaping in Mount Joy PA and further, and consists of top-class experts, including landscape designers, lawn care specialists, arborists, horticulturists, interiorscape professionals, and more. Once we set the goals with you, our expert team will focus on achieving them and exceeding your expectations!

Here is what you can expect:

  • Project completion on time
  • Pricing and process transparency
  • Professional and friendly communication
  • High-quality products, tools, and handiwork based on experience and expert knowledge
  • Client satisfaction after project completion
  • Long-lasting cooperation on regular maintenance projects


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Why should you landscape a garden?

Landscaping isn’t only for aesthetics, you can also landscape a garden to achieve specific goals. For example, professional landscapers can help you create comfortable spaces that you can use for more than relaxing, for work, gatherings, etc. People also landscape for privacy, wind protection and shade, and a cooling atmosphere in the summer months. Numerous plants and trees, when used properly can help you with that.


How do you landscape uneven terrain?

Landscaping on a hill or uneven terrain requires special skills and knowledge. Professionals use terraces, retaining walls, raised beds, and other landscape and hardscape elements to create beautiful and functional designs, keeping in mind soil features and water drainage. If you need help with your uneven terrain, call us and we will create the best possible design for your challenging terrain.


What are the downsides of landscaping?

Major landscape changes can be harsh on the environment, especially if the changes require massive plants, tree cutting, and weed disposal. At Integrity Land Works, we are dedicated to making your dream garden come true while being kind to the environment so no wildlife is harmed after our projects.


Should I pay someone to landscape my garden?

Despite initial costs, professional garden landscaping makes more sense in the long run. If you don’t landscape properly, you risk spending more money on constant improvement and mistake-fixing. In addition, your new landscape by professionals will be more beautiful than if you’ve done it yourself, easy to maintain, and increase the property value.


What is the important factor for landscape design?

Soil quality and composition determine which plants can be used in the space. Landscape experts also consider pH soil level and soil texture when creating landscape design and a list of plants.

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Pool Patio Design

Whether you desire a tranquil retreat for quiet evenings or a large gathering space for entertaining, Gasper’s award winning design team can create a custom designed patio just right for your outdoor space. Experienced in working with a wide variety of materials, such as concrete pavers, clay brick or bluestone, our patios will hold up beautifully, year after year.


A beautiful walkway guides your guests directly to your front door. It makes a great first impression. Walkways can make a home more accessible and safer, helping family and friends better navigate your outdoor spaces.

Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Whether wood burning propane, or natural gas fired, our decorative block or stone fire structures will become your family’s favorite spot to relax. Fireplaces come in handy during the warm and cold months. It’s time to get the s’mores and share some ghost stories!

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

An outdoor kitchen can offer all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, making outdoor entertaining easier than ever before. A custom cook station built by our experts will be a wonderful gathering spot all season long for your family and guests.

Walls and Steps

We can help you sculpt and reshape steep graded areas into flat and usable sites. Our masons have expertise and incredible craftsmanship when creating walls and steps for your home that will withstand the test of time.


Experienced in working with a variety of materials, such as clay, brick, bluestone, or concrete pavers, our patios look beautiful and hold up over the years. Our award winning team can create a tranquil retreat, a large gathering space for entertaining, or whatever is the custom designed patio just right for your outdoor space.