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Student Exhibition Garden Completion!

May 26, 2010 Tags: , , , Blog No comments

Hello everyone!  I apologize, my monthly blogging commitment has slipped through my fingers.  Regardless, I have many new and exciting pictures to share from our Student Exhibition Garden – Four Corners of Fragrance –Fragrant Plants from Four Corners of the World!  Also,  a brief update on the Terrace Restaurant growing project!

To start off… Below are pictures of our containers in which were used to represent each of the four sections in our garden.  There is either one container, of a grouping of containers.  Again, our four ‘corners’ of the world are; North-Europe, South-Africa/S. America, East- Asia, West- North/Central America. (Painting in progress..)

A picture of one of our team helpers: John Whipple- From the Junior PG class of December 2011.  Here we are beginning to place our finished containers before we level them.

All three of our team members (excluding me-taking the picture)- John Whipple (left), John Moore (back), and Suzanne Caron-my partner in the project, also in my PG class, graduating December 2010!

Our containers are placed, and mostly planted.  We also began planting more of the bedding plants.  Note: The blue fescue borders are supposed to represent the water (oceans) separating the continents (the four corners).

Suzanne begins to water our newly planted plants!

Day 2- We got a bright and early start on the second garden day that we were allowed to work in our Student Exhibition Gardens.

A close-up of the cool effect that morning dew has on fine textured Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’.

This is a picture of our garden about 92% complete, to be exact!  We still had a few more plants coming in from other nurseries.

A view from the Eastern end of our display garden.

A shot of the Southern corner, with three containers representing.  In these containers, We used plants such as; Brugmansia sp., Aloysia virgata, Cestrum nocturnum, Aloysia triphylla, and Petunia ‘Pretty Much Picasso’.  Across the path from these containers is our Northern section.  Eastern section to the right, Western to the left.  Our geographic sections are also accurate with the actual North, South, East and West coordinates.

Another view… There are a few spots where we did not plant because we were waiting for our remaining plants.  Completed garden pictures will be coming very soon!

Stay tuned for more pictures of our garden!  Or, even better.. Come visit all four Student Exhibition Gardens at Longwood Gardens!


As I have mentioned in previous posts, our December 2010 PG class has been preparing and growing vegetables to supply the Garden’s Terrace Restaurant with locally grown, low-input, fresh produce.  We have been planting many of the transplants in 50′ long raised beds that are about 3′ wide.  Some of the crops we have planted are; swiss chard, kale, leeks, purple tomatillos, cilantro, basil and parsley.  Some other that were recently planted that are not yet pictured are; russian tarragon, tomatoes (many varieties), peppers (multiple varieties) and eggplant that are white, purple, and purple with white stripes.  The squashes, cucumber and zucchini will be planted later on this week.  The squash will be grown under row covers for most of the season to prevent pests such as squash vine borer, and stripped cucumber beetle.

This growing project will support fundraising efforts for the PG class of 2011 class trip in the spring of 2011.  Both classes will be participating in the project in order to gain experience in growing high quality, low-input vegetables, as well as getting a taste of commercial vegetable production and sales.  Please keep checking in for more information and pictures!

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