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Road Trip! Destination: Lancaster County

October 29, 2011 Tags: , , , , Blog No comments

Many of you know that I  spent about four months in Washington State in a landscaping and gardening internship early this Spring.  In early July, I decided that it was time to head back home to start a new season and continue my experience in the landscaping field.  I thought I would share some pictures from our trip, starting with a few pictures of the Washington backdrop!

Jefferson Lake trip, with Joe Wyatt and his family.

A field in Port Townsend, Washington.  End of June.

Driving into the sunrise with my dad, Gary.  We left Washington state at midnight and were into Montana by daylight.

Camping in Glacier National Park, Montana.

My dad and I.

Dad was tired!  We averaged about five hours of sleep a night.. Something like that. ?

A beautiful field.

A young forest of trees, after the mature trees have been burnt in a forest fire.  Many times, forests are rejuvenated after a fire moves through because there is excess organic matter from the ashes, and trees seeds are scarified (burnt) and better able to germinate.  Notice how thick tree seedlings are coming up!

Our first meal of the week.  Steak, corn and beans on the fire.  Honestly, tasted like the best steak I have ever had!

We make good steak.

Mule deer in central Montana.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Grizzly Bear!


Hot springs.

Tatanka! Tatanka! haha

Still snow!  In early July!

Yellowstone Lake.  Looks like an ocean.

A young cow moose.  We saw one our second morning, after camping in Glacier National Park.  We were driving out of the park before daybreak and saw a huge one running away from us and into the woods!  That one was a bull with a decent rack.  Couldn’t get a picture of it.

We saw some other really nice moose habitat.  Consisting of willows and sedge grasses, two of their preferred foods.

Some very nice mule deer bucks!

The stream right behind our campsite on the second night.  We camped just East of Yellowstone.


Right next to our campsite.. Exciting!

Just past our campsite.. The rolling hills East of the Yellowstone area.

Heading up a mountain in Wyoming toward Bighorn National Forest.  There were no bighorn sheep in the area.

A mule deer, doe.

I don’t know what our elevation was after we got to the top, but the temperature dropped over 30F degrees from what it was at the bottom!  It was in the mid 50’s in the afternoon on top of this mountain.  Check out the snow!

Another cow moose!  No pictures of any bulls…

Next we headed to Custer State Park, South Dakota.

One of the many small tunnels in the park.

More buffalo, at Custer.

Say Hello to my little friend!!  I was tempted to leave my video camera on the ground a get a sweet shot of the male buffalo walking over it, but I didn’t have buffalo insurance on it.  haha


Mount Rushmore

Good one, Dad!  Now I know where I get my sense of humor!

And… Back to good ol’ Lancaster County!  We wanted to stop in and see my brother, Garrison in Illinois.  But, we were short on time and didn’t get to it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!  It was a great experience traveling back East with my dad.  It took us about five days to travel back and site see along the way.

My next post will be on a nice patio project I completed this fall at the Witmeyer residence.  The project consisted of a concrete paver patio, two seating walls, three veneer columns, a pergola, natural boulder steps and landscaping with plants to complete it!  It turned out really nice, so make sure you check in the next few weeks to view that post!  Thanks for following me!

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