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February 8, 2013 Blog 2 comments

When you think of pavement, you probably think, asphalt on a road or driveway…  When I think of pavement, I think of a hard, finished surface that could be comprised of several different materials including; asphalt, poured concrete, stamped concrete, concrete pavers, recycled pavers, or a natural flagstone material, used to support vehicular or foot traffic.  It is important to know the different types of pavements, their uses, positives and negatives.  There are several of these pavement options that I currently install in my landscape projects.

Asphalt and Concrete are very common for driveways and walkways.  However, I prefer to use concrete pavers or other segmented paving material instead of asphalt or concrete.  These are a few reasons:

  1. Asphalt
  • Can be expensive
  • Uses high-energy and resources
  • Changes in form overtime, and settles with few ways to mitigate
  • Can be unattractive

2.   Concrete (including stamped concrete)

  • “If it’s not cracked, it’s gonna crack!” for several reasons…
  • Large sections, not easily removable or changeable if needed
  • It’s boring

Reasons why segmented concrete pavers or flagstone materials are better:

  1. Pavers
  • No cracking-because pavers are individual “paving units” which cannot spread cracks from one to another
  • Interlock-pavers create interlock when properly installed and are better able to bear & transfer heavy loads
  • Removal/Modification-if you need to remove a section, simply take out the pavers needed and lay them back in when finished
  • Aesthetics-there are 100’s of types of paver sizes, colors and textures!
  • Can be more semi-temporary, if needed (5-10yrs.) or permenant (10+yrs.)
  • The ROMANS paved with them, with roads still in-tact!  THEY LAST A REALLY LONG TIME!

*Select each picture for a more-detailed description.

Flagstone may be used for walkways, stepping paths, or larger patios and can be very attractive!

These new pavers from Azek are best for rooftop applications.  They are light weight and have a sub-paver drainage system which still allows water to flow to necessary drainage spout locations.  This is an attractive, functional way to dress-up a roof and utilize more space on a building.  Typical applications would be on a flat (EPDM rubber-lined, or newly constructed) roof, where activities and occasional or frequent use would be desired.

Click here for more information on Azek recycled pavers.

I hope you found this post somewhat informative.  Next time you think that you would like some more patio space, a new walkway or driveway, or simply work done to existing “hardscaped” areas, LET US KNOW!  We have many creative ideas and sustainable solutions for all types of paving applications!

Taking it one PAVER at a time! (In Washington State)

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Gavin has mad skills! Just sayin’

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