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May 25, 2009 Blog No comments


Things are taking off in the garden now!  I have continued to water only with the well water provided, no fertilizer.  You can see my Lettuce is well on it’s way.  The Cabbages are growing well.  I have other veggies planted now, including Swiss chard, Artichoke, Beets, more onions and corn (in rows closest to the viewer-in the picture).

Below is a view from other end of my garden plot.  We received our planters from Joyce and I planted the annuals I had previously purchased.  In my container, I have Millet, Callibracoa (which seemed to be wind-burnt and was later replaced with Ipomea-potatoe vine), Lobelia, Verbena-Light purple with eye, Bachelor’s Button and a Cayenne Pepper plant in the middle.

I had a few perennials I propagated last fall that I popped in the ground awhile.  This is just the start to the herbaceous section in my garden.  I plan on purchasing more plants to pack-into my tiny space.  I will be trying to purchase plants that I’ve never grown before.  As Joyce says,”To grow it, is to know it”.  Something like that…maybe it’s the other way around.  Another update should be coming soon!


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