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Going Green, WHAT does it MEAN?

October 15, 2012 Blog No comments

Sustainable Landscape Designing is important for all types of design projects including both residential and commercial projects.  Some landscape design elements to consider when designing sustainably include; water flow & quality, air quality, plant/animal interaction (ecology), home energy usage and much more [More than what most think would matter when designing a landscape!].

I built my foundation for Sustainable Landscape Design and Construction in the Professional Gardener Program at Longwood Gardens under my professor, Danilo Maffei, owner of Maffei Landscape Design, LLC.  Dan Maffei runs his landscape design company out of West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Recently, the Fig of West Chester wrote an article on Dan’s company and how it’s ‘Easy Being Green’.  This short article briefly describes the framework of Dan’s company and what elements he uses to truly be a sustainable landscape design company.

I encourage you, if you are interested in reading more about sustainable landscape designs, visit this link.  Also, read about my landscape design professor from Longwood Gardens, Danilo Maffei, what I think helps make his company stand out and what helps inspire me to think ‘outside the box’ with my own landscape designs!


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