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Outdoor display, first day..

May 4, 2009 Blog No comments

Today was my ‘first day of outdoor display’.  Really, I worked on the indoor display because it was raining.  We removed Digitalis from the Main Conservatory as well as Pansies.  In their place, we put Salpiglossis and White Petunias.  Along with planting, we did some composting as well as dead-heading to the petunias in the Conservatory.  Hopefully tommorrow I will get my first taste of outdoor display here at Longwood! 🙂

The beginning..

May 2, 2009 Blog No comments


This is the start of my garden.  Well, not really the start, but close to it.  My plot size is 15′ x 50′.  The vegetable portion (closest) measures 15′ x 35′.  The remaining 15′ x 15′ area is set aside for Herbaceous plants.  After receiving the plot, I edged the sides and hand-tilled any existing weeds.  I then built my raised beds and began to add compost.