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Vegetables and Ornamentals

June 1, 2010 Tags: , , , Blog No comments

Some vegetables I am growing this year include; Peas ‘Sugar Snap’, bell peppers, purple/white/purple striped eggplant, broccoli, swiss chard, garlic, cabbage varieties, parsnips, radishes, cilantro, parsley, kale varieties, leeks, beets, carrot varieties, bulb onions, lettuce, and purple/green basil.

I have grown my peas up unto my fence structure this year.  Once they are done, I plan to train these winter squash plants unto the fence, again.  I will also plan on netting the fruits, letting them hang from the fence!

I also incorporate some vegetables into my ornamental plot.  One of the things I wish to pursue more in the future is edible landscaping.  Using vegetables as ornamentals, as well as edibles.

More updates following our trip abroad! (End of June)

Below are some pictures of our Student Exhibition Garden in the public display area.  All plants have been installed.  Please see previous post for more information after viewing the updated pictures!

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