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Month July 2009

July flies..

July 21, 2009 Tags: , , Blog No comments

The biggest change in my garden this month has been the growth on many of my plants.  I haven’t added anything major.  There is still some space left for a few neat herbaceous perennials, but I still need to go to the nursery to pick some out.  So far the only plants that I have fertilized are the bananas.  I have Musa ‘Dwarf Red’ and Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’.  Both of those have been fertilized with Osmocote slow release fertilizer and also water soluble fertilizer on 3 different times.  My summer container seems to be growing nicely.  The Lobelia erinus has finished blooming and is beginning to look a little messy.  I have cut it back to the nicer growth to see if it will flush clean again.  If not then I plan to replace it with Russelia equisetiformis. The deer had eaten my Heuchera (‘Plum pudding’) but it has flushed back nicely since then.  Many of my plants are blooming well, including my coreopsis, canna, agastache, cleome, catmint and cassia.

For my vegetable garden.. I have removed my cabbage about three weeks ago and have planted more beans, beets and carrots in their place.  In my raised beds where I had beets and some lettuces I have also planted more beets, bunching onions, carrots and beans.  Sometime later in August I plan to do a late summer planting of lettuces, spinach and peas for a fall harvest.


The deer have been a real pain.  Aside from eating my Swiss chard, they have been trampeling through my garden where my young seedling are planted.  They haven’t eaten anything other than the chard and a few nibble at my beans, but I’m sure they will be going after my corn soon!  I haven’t had time to set up a fence like I wanted to earlier this summer, but Steven has some cinnamon spray that is supposed to deter the deer from the area.  I think I will try that to see how it works.  Other than the deer leaving their footprints, there seem to be no signifigant pests in my garden!  My corn should be ready to harvest in another 7-14 days.  Sweet Corn doesn’t always yield the most (in terms of weight) compared to the area they grow in, but I think it’s rewarding enough.  Besides, what is a garden without corn?


Here is a picture of my netted squash!  They will ripen a lot faster than melons will (my original plan was to use melons) but at least it’s somewhat artsy.  It’s also fun and different to try hanging the fruits rather than have them grow on the ground.