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End of May…

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A picture of my vegetables again.  You can see the beans (Yellow wax) are coming up (next to the cabbages).  Under the fencing, I have summer squash, zuchinni ‘black beauty’, and some cantaloupe.  I’m going to try and hang my fruits from the fence, like some sort of art I guess.  We’ll see how it works out.


Most of my herbaceous plot is filling up.  I still have some room for some other perennials though.  Considering that I’m only here for two years, I can probably get away with planting some things closer that normal.  In the back I have some taller plants, such as Canna and Rudbeckia.  I tried to layer the garden so that the further front (closer to the viewer) it is, the shorter the plant.  Some of the woody plants that I have won’t grow too fast, so I’m able to fit a few in.  Those include; Viburnum trilobum, Physocarpus ‘Dart’s Gold’, Deutzia ‘Chardonnay Pearls’, and Cotinus coggygria.


Some of the perennials I have are Boltonia asteroides, Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, Amsonia hubrictii, Lychnis chalendonica, Gaura ‘Crimson Butterflies’, Salvia lyrata ‘Purple Knockout’, Helianthus ‘First Light’, Dahlia ‘Weston Spanish Dancer’, Iris ‘Versicolor’, Euphorbia ‘Bonfire’ and a bunch more/more to come.  Most of these are plants I haven’t grown.  I have grown different types of Salvia, Iris, Helianthus and other ones, but not necessarily these species or cultivars.

I’m trying to keep my colors in different schemes, somewhat.  The front left of my garden is more cool colors/blooms.  The back right of the garden seems to be more warm colors.  I also had to figure in the heights of the plants, so things got switched around a bit.  Now, probably the most important thing I need to do is label my garden with my name.!


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Things are taking off in the garden now!  I have continued to water only with the well water provided, no fertilizer.  You can see my Lettuce is well on it’s way.  The Cabbages are growing well.  I have other veggies planted now, including Swiss chard, Artichoke, Beets, more onions and corn (in rows closest to the viewer-in the picture).

Below is a view from other end of my garden plot.  We received our planters from Joyce and I planted the annuals I had previously purchased.  In my container, I have Millet, Callibracoa (which seemed to be wind-burnt and was later replaced with Ipomea-potatoe vine), Lobelia, Verbena-Light purple with eye, Bachelor’s Button and a Cayenne Pepper plant in the middle.

I had a few perennials I propagated last fall that I popped in the ground awhile.  This is just the start to the herbaceous section in my garden.  I plan on purchasing more plants to pack-into my tiny space.  I will be trying to purchase plants that I’ve never grown before.  As Joyce says,”To grow it, is to know it”.  Something like that…maybe it’s the other way around.  Another update should be coming soon!


Time to get serious ;)

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This was awhile ago, but at least it’s an update.  I have 3/4 of my raised beds planted with spring lettuces, carrots, onions, radishes, potatoes and other things.  I decided to get going on the 15′ x 15′ herbaceous section of my plot.  I wanted the “back” of my garden to be raised up and higher than the front.  I used field stone and a few other types of stone to build my walls.  They were not symmetrical, but I wanted one on either side of the garden.  I also began to lay out the course of my path.

NEW 244

My walls are complete.  I used the soil that I removed from the wall-area and the path to create other small mounds.  I used leaf mulch to cover the surface until I got my plants to put in.  I also seeded the bare spots in the lawn with a mixture of grass seed I had left over from last year’s work.  I used wheat straw on top of the seed to protect it from the intense sun, to reserve moisture and so people can see that I have seeded there.  For some reason, it seems like most people are attracted to the straw and step on it anyway, not knowing that I sowed grass seed there.  It’s not a big deal.  I guess it’s just a Lancaster County thing. 🙂

NEW 248

Updated Veg. Garden!

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My Veg. garden, + new fence posts and cabbages!

My Veg. garden, + new fence posts and cabbages!

Here I have installed fence posts.  I also planted my cabbages (my required crops- 24 count), potatoes, bunching onions, bulbed onions, radishes, lettuce, spinach and carrots.  The fence posts will serve as support for my squash and melons, yet to come… !!!

Outdoor display, first day..

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Today was my ‘first day of outdoor display’.  Really, I worked on the indoor display because it was raining.  We removed Digitalis from the Main Conservatory as well as Pansies.  In their place, we put Salpiglossis and White Petunias.  Along with planting, we did some composting as well as dead-heading to the petunias in the Conservatory.  Hopefully tommorrow I will get my first taste of outdoor display here at Longwood! 🙂

The beginning..

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This is the start of my garden.  Well, not really the start, but close to it.  My plot size is 15′ x 50′.  The vegetable portion (closest) measures 15′ x 35′.  The remaining 15′ x 15′ area is set aside for Herbaceous plants.  After receiving the plot, I edged the sides and hand-tilled any existing weeds.  I then built my raised beds and began to add compost.